Thursday, March 7, 2013


As the season premiere of American Bible Challenge nears us, more and more promos are seen around GSN and a 15-minute preview arrived in my mailbox just last week. In the preview, there are no stunts seen yet. But seeing the other 15-second teasers, it's getting obvious that this will not just be a quizzer.

Sure, the first season did well enough with the 1.73 million premiere and then the 700-950K viewers from week two and beyond, but GSN will do anything to strengthen those numbers.

About 19 stunts will be played on this new season. Some of them involve rolling dice, stacking cups or playing around with bibles. These are all similar to Minute to Win It, which is what GSN is trying to get out of this

The stunts in the first place will attract an audience but I'm curious if the core-'Bible'-viewers will stick to the show. They do want to see a quizzer, and hard-core fans want that heavy quizzer. The stunts aren't a bad idea, but let's just see in two weeks how they fare.

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