Sunday, March 10, 2013


Truth is, it does not matter how many shows air on a cable television station. What matters is how well they do. There are currently 19 shows on the GSN schedule, seven of them as pre-1990's, eight of them as current or rerunning originals, and four modern acquisitions. There are two more upcoming (Family Trade, Million Dollar Password), which would make a recent-record of 21, up from around 15/16 in early 2012.

Obviously, some shows get more (a lot more) airtime than others. Reasons: Ratings. That explains it all. In order, by number of hours on the schedule, this is the percentage of schedule space each version of each show gets. 

Shows/Hours of Programming
1) Family Feud (Harvey): 21.7% of schedule
2) Baggage: 10.1% of schedule
3) Family Feud (O'Hurley): 7.2% of schedule
4) Family Feud (Karn): 6.5% of schedule
4) Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?: 6.5% of schedule
5) Minute to Win It: 5.8% of schedule
6) The Newlywed Game: 5.7% of schedule
7) Chain Reaction: 4.3% of schedule
7) Dog Eat Dog: 4.3% of schedule
7) The $100,000 Pyramid: 4.3% of schedule
8) The $25,000 Pyramid: 3.6% of schedule
9) American Bible Challenge: 2.2% of schedule
10) Lingo (Woolery): 1.8% of schedule
10) Lingo (Engvall): 1.8% of schedule
10) Catch 21: 1.8% of schedule
10) Super Password: 1.8% of schedule
10) Card Sharks: 1.8% of schedule
10) Press Your Luck: 1.8% of schedule
10) Family Feud (Dawson): 1.8% of schedule
10) Match Game: 1.8% of schedule
11) Whammy!: 1.4% of schedule
12) The Pyramid: 0.7% of schedule
12) Password Plus: 0.7% of schedule
(As of: Week of March 4-10)

So, Harvey Feud and Baggage top the network with 60 slots a week for Harvey, and 28 airings for Baggage. O'Hurley, Karn Feud and surprisingly 5th Grader get third, fourth and fifth. (5th Grader surprised me since it appears nowhere except Sunday nights at 1pm).  Many of the daytime shows take up "1.8% of the schedule" since they air once a day, five days a week.

Every week, modern acquisitions take up 52% of airtime, 17.6% goes to classics and 27.6% of time goes to the reruns of GSN's originals. 

And by the way, post-2002 Feud takes up 35.4% of the schedule. That's 49 hours out of 138 total a week. Angry now, GSN Board?

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