Saturday, March 2, 2013

GSN Source: 'Newlywed' not coming back for another season


Source from GSN: "The Newlywed Game is most likely not returning for another season. GSN [formerly Game Show Network] is currently looking into other production."

No huge surprise and no huge loss in my opinion. Recently it its Thursday night block, Newlywed Game new episodes/reruns now have done just alright. In its past five weeks, the averages were in the upper 200,000's to lower 300,000's for viewership. In its recent week, Newlywed Game did much better and averaged 356,000 viewers for its Thursday night block, going up against Idol. A few weekend reruns did better.

The Newlywed Game had six seasons on GSN, starting in 2009 with host Carnie Wilson. She left the show three seasons in, and Sherri Shepherd took over as host for seasons four, five and six. In Wilson's seasons, Eubanks came back to guest-host twice. The series had 430 episodes since 2009, more than any other GSN Original.

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