Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slight schedule change for 3/26; Press Your Luck news.

Just some things to note around GSN today.

Family Trade may be getting a little boost in ratings tonight. The third week of these airings, will have a Harvey Feud lead-in. The past two weeks had NBC reruns of Minute to Win It as a lead-in and lead-out on Tuesday nights, and now they're trying something different, most likely better. I believe these are 11-12 episodes of Harvey Feud.

Then if Harvey Feud does just 'OK' in the 7pm hour tonight, they'll just have to see how much of a drop there was going into Family Trade at 8pm. With all the advertisement, Family Trade should rise but it's probably not going to. I'll be watching NBC or FOX come 8pm.

Classic fans can't be much happier lately with GSN, but some still complain. There was a holler on the GSN forum board about them not airing Press Your Luck episode #51 come April, out of their new 50-lease order. 95%, if not nearly 100% of the audience in the morning is not going to care, or even notice if a day was skipped.

Personally, I care a lot about GSN pre-2pm. I like classic game shows, but I just don't need to see what exact episode numbers are airing.  I watch Family Feud on GSN, and if they air two different episode cycles, or even two different versions in one hour, I'll still watch. I don't need to see the same exact episode next. I just want to see Karn/O'Hurley/Harvey Family Feud.

As long as there's variety and also not a huge rerun cycle per show like Match Game just had.


  1. I suggest using both the first names and last names of the hosts of the various versions of "Family Feud" when referring to those versions in your articles. Using both names would be very helpful for folks unfamiliar with the hosts and respectful toward the hosts.

  2. Dude, what is it with your fixation of first and last names? You're a kook....I would think people reading the article already know their first and last names..

    1. Some folks today may correctly guess the first names of people initially referenced in news article by only their last names, but historians many years later would feel puzzled coming upon those initial references while doing research.

    2. And you've mentioned that too in previous places...Who cares about years later? How do you know the content will even be around?

    3. I care about about the future and I believe many elements of the Internet will be available for many years. Even if the content were to be removed from plain view, it may still be accessible through unconventional means. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for future possibilities that do not sound possible at the current time.

  3. Mario500 has a point, judging that the comments will be more serious compared to forum posts, where on forums 'Karn' and 'Harvey' could be abbreviated like that.

    "Anonymous" has a point, by saying that most readers on a game show blog know what the last names 'Karn', 'O'Hurley' and 'Harvey' mean before 'Feud', by what years the Family Feud episodes are from.