Tuesday, March 19, 2013

'Pure Gold', 'Rose Sisters', other GSN reality that almost happened

I've been sitting on this story for a few days so here it is.

Pure Gold, War of the Rose Sisters, Crowning Glory and I Do, Now I Don't may be titles that may not be familiar to you. That's fine, because they are not familiar to most of America. But, they are four out of the five reality shows that were addressed in the 2012-13 upfronts by GSN, published nearly a year ago. The fifth reality show addressed, was Family Trade.

Well, Crowning Glory [beauty queens, would have been an hour-long original] and I Do, Now I Don't went nowhere. Next, War of the Rose Sisters had a casting call, now taken down, and nothing became of it. The casting call was around last May.

Then there's Pure Gold. The show that almost happened. We had a premiere date and almost the exact time of night it would come on. It was "supposedly" suppose to premiere the same night American Bible Challenge and Beat the Chefs actually did. In fact, on the right, there's a poster from GSN, made around last Spring, where the three shows were suppose to air in that block.

Noticed something else odd. If you look closely at the description of each show, Pure Gold, Family Trade, I Do, Now I Don't and War of the Rose Sisters are all very similar, dealing with barter, trade, etc.

Seeing Family Trade compared to other GSN creations like American Bible Challenge and even The-cancelled-Pyramid, glad more Pawn Star rips didn't make it to the air.

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