Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pigs, syrup and cheese. Not bad, GSN

On this Saturday evening, I just got to see my first episode of Family Trade, the sixth showing this week of these two episodes. I watched one, and could have tuned in for the second by didn't.

It's good, not great. I'll give GSN that. This is not a reality show that just focuses on one person (i.e. Carnie or Chuck). Family Trade delivers what it promised us. Bartering, business and of course the family bickering.

Not sure if its just the only one that made it to air, but out of the five proposed reality shows from the 2012-13 upfronts, Family Trade does seems the most interesting, but I would have preferred another season of Lingo or Baggage.

I'm still not for the idea of reality on GSN. I give GSN credit for trying out-of-studio based game shows, but the solid facts are, shows like American Bible Challenge, Catch 21, Newlywed Game and even Baggage succeed. Period. For now, that's what the TV audience wants on the GSN production slate, and is why I don't think it will make a second season.

Still, 3 of 5 stars. Not the worst reality, but still not suitable for the core-GSN audience.

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