Monday, March 11, 2013


1 more day til this....

Family Trade, we're talking about. GSN (formerly, and sometimes still Game Show Network), is focusing on Family Trade lately, as much or more then American Bible Challenge. This, in my opinion, is downright wrong.

Zap2It is one of the most visited websites a day for TV Listings, information, gossips upon other stories and rumors. In other words, advertising on this website must be costly, especially on the front page.

I do have to say, advertisements for past GSN shows have been thrown around the internet. Lingo was on a website or two in 2011, and an American Bible Challenge ad was placed on Zap2It for a day (August 23rd).

Looks like the Family Trade advertisement was up all day today, and will be tomorrow, whereas more of this spending should go towards actually game shows. No reality projects have worked in the past for this game-show-niche network.

Also, Mr. Stone likes to call "Game Show Network" The "Gardner Stone Network" now.


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