Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lingo vs Lingo

More activity in a thread on the GSN Board keeps surfacing about the return of Chuck Woolery's Lingo to the schedule. Many posters welcome the change, especially smothered in a block of pre-1990 game shows.

But truth is, Engvall Lingo still has double the viewership on the schedule. In the latest week of ratings, the first with Woolery back on the schedule, Bill Engvall's 40-episode run from 2011 has nearly double the audience of the Chuck Woolery version, which was the longest running original, which had the most episodes and the most seasons up until The Newlywed Game now.

At 2:30pm, between very modern game shows Catch 21 and Chain Reaction, Engvall Lingo averaged 341,000 viewers, while Chuck Woolery's Lingo, sandwiched between more word-association games, averaged  176,000 viewers, not horrible at all.

But Woolery Lingo at 11:30am is still easier to show than Jeopardy! 1) GSN has to lease episodes of Jeopardy! at a somewhat medium to semi-costly lease price. 2) You have more episodes of Lingo to show 3) Lingo is not a heavy quizzer that early in the morning, while Jeopardy! is. Just something tells me that there isn't a huge audience for Jeopardy! in the morning, while the late night runs do [well, did] better.

Anyway, it just seems in general that nothing sticks at 11:30am. Super Password has been doing very well a half-hour earlier, and has been in that same slot since April 2012. Since April 2012, we've had Match Game, then Chain Reaction, then Jeopardy! and now Lingo at the 11:30am slot. I'd push for a full hour of Super Password, or move the 25K Pyramid at 12:30pm now to 11:30am.

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