Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kirk Franklin: 'Bible' ratings helper?

The first season was successful, but why is it that GSN seems to be going all out for this second season?

It seems like we have gospel-stars like Kirk Franklin regularly on the show, and also Mary Mary will perform and/or participate at some point as well. I'm sure this will attract viewers, especially anyone who likes Kirk Franklin. Franklin is rather popular in the music and gospel industry, even though most game show fans don't seem to know him.

My guess: GSN in the first season had enough money for Foxworthy, the big set and the $27,500 giveaway per episode, the $100K in the finale and all the promotion. Then, the show got 800,000 viewers (plus) an episode, then they had more money to spend for Kirk Franklin.

Still, the advertisement hasn't been heavy for American Bible Challenge. There was the clip on Rock Center with Brian Williams, and also there have been a few commercials floating around other cable networks. Of course, the ads are all over the place on GSN, but Foxworthy has not made any appearances on late-night talk shows and Fox News like last time around.

I still say the upcoming season will do better than any episode of Harvey Feud lately, but not sure if it can get anywhere close to that 1.7 million again.

And by the way, the Family Trade ratings may be coming in as soon as today. Trying to get some numbers on it as of an hour ago. I did not watch but I'm hearing it was a ripoff of already bad reality programs.

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