Sunday, March 17, 2013

JP versus Casey

You know, normally I don't browse the comment section of websites, but this caught my eye from GameShowFollies.

In the comment section...

JP: You forget who you're dealing with. Ohno may have the talent, but GSN can't develop it. You mention Inaba using the same cliches over and over. Don't blame Ohno when they fail once more.

Right. Ohno has skating, dancing, acting and even writing talent. But can he solo-host an action-packed show like Minute to Win It, and been more of an entertaining host than Fieri? We knew how good of a judge Inaba was on Dancing with the Stars, but her personality wasn't the best on 1 vs 100.

Casey: GSN is hardly failing right now. In fact, the ratings have been very strong lately, and Sony recently repurchased majority control in a transaction that valued the network at $1.4 billion. That's an odd definition of "failure" and "disaster."

As for original production, that's a tough business for any network with many more failures than successes. But GSN has made shrewd acquisitions and is reaping the rewards.

First, Casey, you are going off on a different subject, talking about how much the network is worth. Original production is difficult for any network, and something like American Bible Challenge's 1.7 million is so very rare. The acquisitions work much better than any GSN Original production, with this past week in ratings the top 41 out of 50 shows were acquisitions like Feud and 5th Grader. Your right there, Casey.

JP:GSN has had two successful shows in Goldhill's tenure. Fact. You may have liked Lingo, but viewers as whole rejected it, which is why there were no additional season. I'm sure there are others on the failure side, but successes have been limited to Baggage and the Bible Challenge. Cable network's succeed from original production, not re-runs. Otherwise they wouldn't waste their time creating and developing new shows. GSN original programming has been a failure under Goldhill's watch.

GSN has had many more than "two successful originals" since he joined the network six years ago. Newlywed Game, Catch 21, Baggage and Bible are the real hits, plus Lingo and 1 vs 100 were not huge fails and have done good to great in reruns. In fact, they almost went up for second seasons until production of originals halted in August 2011.

No way cable networks just rely on original programming. Acquisitions power a lot of networks like TruTV, TBS and Crime Network. 

Casey: Ratings have generally been strong over the past several years. Much of that is due to shrewd acquisitions like Harvey Feud5th Grader,Minute To Win It and Deal or No Deal

I like this. GSN does live on acquisition like those, and even 1 vs 100, Power of 10, etc. They are cheaper to pick-up than 40 episodes of BLANK.

No winners today.


  1. Fair enough. One quibble with the comment: "First, Casey, you are going off on a different subject, talking about how much the network is worth."

    Well, no, not really. JP brought up the whole subject of GSN's overall success in his original comment. That comment in full: "You forget who you're dealing with. Ohno may have the talent, but GSN can't develop it. You mention Inaba using the same cliches over and over. Don't GSN execs watch their shows? They've had two successful shows in Goldhill's tenure surrounded by one expensive failure after another. The Muppets, Drew Carey, Wendy Williams, Norm MacDonald ruining poker. Hidden Camera disasters, screwing up Lingo and Pyramid. Don't blame Ohno when they fail once more."

    So it's not going off on another subject to point out that GSN has hardly been "one expensive failure after another" under Goldhill's tenure. The network overall has been pretty sucessful, in fact. That's why GSN's value has risen so much over the years. And it's why Sony was willing to pay a pretty steep price to regain majority control. (Should point out that GSN's total value was $1.3 billion in the Sony transaction, not $1.4 billion as I stated.)

    As I point out later in the thread, I've hardly been an uncritical admirer of Goldhill or GSN. I recently torched Family Trade, for instance, as a dull ripoff of Pawn Stars. But there's a reason Goldhill is still around after nearly six years. Overall, GSN has done pretty well during his tenure.

  2. JP was arguing about how bad GSN's original-department track record has been (and some hosts), he was not trying to prove how unsuccessful the network is right now (which its actually be very successful)

    And by the way, I didn't give Family Trade a bad review. Yes, reality doesn't really belong on GSN, but at the same time, it's suitable/watchable at a minimum, basically since it doesn't focus on just one person (i.e. Carnie Wilson or Chuck)