Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It coming....

GSN's newest hit original, The American Bible Challenge is just a week away from its second season premiere. Without the release of the advanced schedules, a few things can probably be guaranteed or at least almost-confirmed about the week of March 18-24.


Guaranteed to stay: Weekdays (8am-4pm): No changes [or very major] until April 1st.

Guaranteed to stay:Late nights (12-4am): Nothing wrong at all with Jerry-Harvey-Harvey-Jerry

Guaranteed to stay:Sunday afternoons (3-6pm): Nothing wrong at all with Karn-O'Hurley-Harvey, and no NFL to compete with this time of year

Guaranteed to stay:Weekend mornings (9am-12pm): Everything's doing well there, but I could see them tweaking something pretty soon (Pyramid, Catch 21?)

Could be changed: Weekdays (7-8pm) They may just shorten primetime "stack" scheduling, since the 7pm hour weekdays remain weak while Harvey seems to be the only thing doing well there

Could be changed: Weekends (12pm-3pm). Yes. Both days. Dog Eat Dog still has some good numbers, but it's starting to ware with the 26 eps.

Could be changed: Saturdays (3-7pm): Catch 21 from 3-4:30pm; Newlywed Game from 4:30-6pm, move Harvey up an hour. Maybe a 'Bible' rerun in there.

Could be changed: Sundays (6-8pm): They may take away a 5th Grader slot or two and add some more Harvey.

Could be changed: Sundays (post-10pm): Newlywed block will probably get removed, Dog Eat Dog cutback or gone, another classic? Baggage?

Insert 'Bible' reruns here: Thursday midnight; Saturday 7pm; Sunday 10pm; though just like the first season they'll probably go heavier

With Thursday nights, 5th Grader would probably be the BEST lead-out to 'Bible', and Harvey should be the 3-hour lead-in up to 9pm.

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