Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GSN/51 Minds pilots dating game show with Brooke Burns

Got an e-mail today from someone at GSN about this pilot, and an update on the status of it. I heard about this previously through this casting call, now expired, looking for women ages 25-40 around Los Angeles, to test if they could reads what goes through a Man's Mind, and his thoughts.

It doesn't sound like a bad idea, after their monster success of Baggage. This dating show pilot, was hosted by Brooke Burns, who also has previous game show experience with NBC's Dog Eat Dog. Dog Eat Dog happens to air weekends on GSN now.

A GSN spokesperson stated...

"It went well. [Brooke] Burns has incredible hosting talent and we'd like to see her willing to come back on GSN for this series or another project. We wish her the best of luck."

Sounds like either the actual show didn't go well, or Burns isn't willing to host more of this show. I don't see why not. She's not up to much, and GSN obviously wants to see her back on television. Burns can't be pricey, and if she is, throw her off and get someone else. Even bring Springer back to the network. I'm sure he'd take another stab at GSN.
There are no pictures available of the set, but I heard it was "High-tec" [because Baggage sure wasn't] There are also no future episode order numbers, or if the pilot was a half-hour or hour-long episode.

ALSO: The Impostor, a game show currently casting, looking for families of five or more members, is landing somewhere on cable television. Hearing rumors of all sorts but I don't want to make anything official. As of now, it's not TBS. This does not sound like something they would spend money on anyway. It does sound like GSN though, since they're trying "out-of-studio based shows".

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