Friday, March 15, 2013

GSN Ratings March 4-10, 2013: A Great week for all

The ratings are up, and pre-Family Trade, Family Feud (Harvey) takes the top 13 of 16/top 24 of 30, while Newlywed Game, Chain Reaction and 5th Grader had a few very impressive airings.

Daytime averages
8:00am Family Feud 102K
8:30am Match Game 177K
9:00am Card Sharks 176K
9:30am Press Your Luck 207K
10:00am $100,000 Pyramid 243K
10:30am $25,000 Pyramid 271K [Friday: 343K]
11:00am Super Password 221K
11:30am Lingo 171K
12:00pm $100,000 Pyramid 197K [Fri: 302K]
12:30pm $25,000 Pyramid 221K
1:00pm 5th Grader 260K
2:00pm Catch 21 336K
2:30pm Lingo 351K
3:00pm Chain Reaction 406K
3:30pm Chain Reaction 430K
4:00pm Family Feud 359K
4:30pm Family Feud 380K
5:00pm Family Feud 308K
5:30pm Family Feud 344K
6:00pm Family Feud 448K
6:30pm Family Feud 524K

No complaints. Early mornings do very well, Pyramid-Password succeed but there's still a "TPIR-death hour" audience drop, but the noon hour shaped out very nicely. Chain Reaction had one airing at 503,000. The Feud trio from 4-7pm also did very well, and yes, O'Hurley Feud was a good schedule change for late-afternoons.

Monday Family Feud: 363K
Tuesday Minute to Win It: 340K
Wednesday Family Feud (Harvey): 509K
Thursday The Newlywed Game: 468K
Friday Baggage: 268K
Saturday Family Feud: 398K
Sunday 5th Grader: 453K

Harvey Feud comes in first place Wednesday, then Thursday 10:30pm Feud was the highest rated of the week at 644,000 viewers, while the 10pm episode before that was 3rd of the week with 596,000 viewers. Overall, Thursday night averaged 519,000 viewers (8-11pm)

On Saturday, Karn/O'Hurley Feud reruns averaged 449,000 viewers from 8-10pm. The O'Hurley-repeat hour was worse off at 295K. 5th Grader, MTWI and Monday Feud did great, while Baggage had an OK week.

The GSN schedule overall is on fire. Top 2 slots saw 600,000 viewers or greater, 23 slots above half a million viewers, 55 slots above 400,000 viewers and well over 100 slots above 300,000 viewers. Around a year ago and back into 2011, GSN was lucky to have just one show above half a million viewers. Now, it's common. Thanks, Steve, Guy, Jeff, and also Sherri & Dylan

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