Saturday, March 9, 2013

GSN Press Releases: More Digital.

GSN Hires Jeff Anderson as  Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business DevelopmentAs if the GSN world of online gaming hasn't grown enough in the past half-decade or so, more developments have come upon us.

First, GSN Digital has launched "Wheel of Fortune" Bingo, a chance for Wheel fans that can't get a chance to play-along with their show on the GSN Network itself, they can now play the Bingo version online. This also comes on top of the news of the new ChaChingo Bingo, another new, popular online game.

GSN has also hired Jeff Anderson as the Senior Vice President of GSN Digital Strategic Planning and Business Development.

You can't disagree with these results. Any source of online gaming at GSN has become their cash cow, where their TV Network seems ever so less popular, still overall averaging well above 300,000 viewers a week. Just looking at their individual Facebook Pages, the GSN Games Page has 5 million likes while the TV Network pages has just over 47,000 likes.

Seems like the corporate heads at GSN should get smarter and tie online games into their TV Network. It could work for ratings and $$$

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