Monday, March 25, 2013

GSN Board vs. Game Show Forum

It depends who are, but you can like both these forums. Some may like one, and some may like the others. Some may like neither. Personally, looking through both is enjoyable.

The Game Show Forum board, with Matt Ottinger, has a little more, explicit-language, or at least some not kind words. Game Show Forum discusses anything but GSN for the most part, while on GSN Forums, you can discuss their shows, games, and game show outside of GSN like The Price is Right, which is commonly brought up. 

The secret agenda behind this post is to try to point out something. All messages boards have different types of people, and I have been on both GSN Forums and Ottinger's Game Show Forum. I've only been under one user name, and that's LetsGoYankees.

No clue where this Lingofan97 nonsense came from what I joined GSN Forums for the first time on October 2012, after browsing the forum for the previous two years. Forum posters quickly must have picked up on something that Lingofan97 did that I must have had an interest in as well. Then, the forum moderator must have been convinced and banned LetsGoYankees. 

In fact, I, under LetsGoYankees got an e-mail from another GSN Forum user, who has been on since Dec. 2010 and probably before with the old boards, who said she got a private message from Lingofan97 before she was banned, regarding Hurricane Isaac. Apparently, Lingofan97 posted somewhere about where she and her family were going during the storm. Apparently, Lingofan97 was from Georgia, not New Jersey, according to this forum user.

[The P.M. was reportedly from August 26, 2012. I had a screenshot of it, after giving this woman my e-mail]

Also, back to my Alex Davis post, I don't mean to attack the guy. He, most of the time, is a very fair minded game show writer who's met more hosts then me, been on more game show sets then me, and has ultimately lived a longer life than me, and knows more about game shows than I do. I just don't accept that attitude at times, the off-topic Twitter posts and the rudeness. I don't tolerate babies. His knowledge of foreign game shows is smart and intelligent, but I just don't follow