Saturday, March 2, 2013

Feud's on!

It always amazes me how well the Richard [Karn] and John O'Hurley versions of Family Feud continue to do.

Both versions air tonight from 8 til 11. Both also air Monday nights for four hours, Sunday afternoons for two hours and also every weekday afternoon for two hours. Together, that adds up to 38 slots a week of the 2000's decade Feud, with over 1,100 episodes from 2002-09 cycling the schedule.

The current 38 slots a week of Karn/O'Hurley is up from 18 airings back in November.

The Karn and O'Hurley versions still stand strong for one, the rising success of the Steve Harvey version. If Fremantle did decide to cancel the series of 2010, with the 1.5-rating, Feud would most likely be less popular on GSN now. Two, Feud is better scheduled now then it was a few years ago. The marathons and lead-ins help, where a casual cable viewer could stay tuned in for hours.

Down the road, I could see either Richard Karn or John O'Hurley coming back to the network to host a game show. Personally, Karn would be perfect for a Press Your Luck revival, while I would have liked to have seen O'Hurley on The Pyramid, or maybe a new Chain Reaction down the road.

We will wait and see, but for now, Feud continues to dominate the network overall, while Karn and O'Hurley are still going strong.

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