Monday, March 4, 2013

Feud marathon; 11-12 'Feud' coming soon?

I mentioned somewhere earlier that a Steve Harvey Family Feud marathon will make its way to GSN on a very unexpected day.

This date is Monday, March 11th from 3pm-3am (Eastern). Truth is, this only adds an additional two hours of Feud this day, whereas normally Karn/O'Hurley roll from 4pm-6pm and also Karn and O'Hurley continue during primetime from 7pm-11pm normally. The 12-hour Feud marathon will still only feature the first season of Harvey's edition of Feud.

Getting more curious by the week when the second season of Feud with Steve Harvey will come along. At first I thought GSN would have rushed on it last Fall, burning through the 150-episodes of the second season by around now. Then I thought with Family Trade getting delayed a week, 11-12 Feud would be a lead-in to the new reality series. Instead, Minute to Win It leads-in Family Trade.

Harvey Feud was acquired a year ago by GSN, and the 10-11 episodes starting airing on March 28th. It's obvious that the 11-12 runs are also included in the lease, since the lease stated that GSN acquired over 300 episodes, probably 315 (Season 12 and 13 combined).

My guess: GSN will start showing the new season as a lead-in to American Bible Challenge, which could be as little as one-hour or all the way from 6-9pm, with Bible Challenge at 9 o'clock. It has to be coming in March, people. Because the 60 Harvey runs a week with the limited 165 episodes is not going to work for much longer.

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