Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Farewell, Mr. Dawson

Just one of the two classics leaving the GSN Board effective April 1st, Richard Dawson's edition of Family Feud. It's been on the schedule straight since 1994, and will be taken off very soon.

The move is no surprise, especially when Dawson was pushed back to 8am. Ever since, it's been performing reasonably well at 8am, but definitely not as well as Match Game did to start off the programming day. Personally, I'm surprised Match Game taking back the 8am hour didn't happen much earlier, but Dawson Feud hasn't bombed at all by early morning standards [averaging a little under 100K viewers]

Card Sharks also drops off the schedule. The Perry and Eubanks versions have been and off for the past four years or so. Perry was at 10am for the longest time around 2010-11-12, and did very well, but then left and came back at 9am, and did decent but not great.

There will be no "Farewell Richard" marathon like there was for Regis, but I have a feeling Dawson Feud (original or 94) won't be gone forever. Still too bad these two can't hold onto a weekend, late-night slot. Maybe cover up some Dog Eat Dog.

By the way, very surprised GSN sent out a press release for all these classic acquisitions. Not very common we see a press release for our classics, and hopefully nothing fishy is coming around the corner. But, I wouldn't change too much if I were GSN, since their primetime/daytime average was 418K/309K for the week of March 11-17. Extremely impressive.

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