Sunday, March 24, 2013

'Family Trade' scheduling predictions: April through Summer

Just looking ahead and see ratings now, it looks like Family Trade may be come the new "Beat the Chefs". This is in the sense of when comes to cancellations and later air dates, not the actual format of the show.

I do not see Family Trade having even one spot on the schedule by the last week of April (April 29-May 5). By the first week of April, they'll send out a revised copy of the pdf's cutting at least two reruns. The rerun after American Bible Challenge will probably get cut first, and replaced by Feud, or still-going-well-in-reruns, 5th Grader.  Then, by the second or third week of April, the Tuesday night runs will be cut and there might be another episode or two that will go un-aired.

The pdf's do only list one new episode per week on Tuesdays effective March 26th, so episode 5 airs 3/26, episodes 6 airs 4/2, episode 7 airs 4/9 and episode 8 airs 4/16, if Family Trade does remain on Tuesday nights. Just like Beat the Chefs, I could see Family Trade coming back for a marathon on a holiday, maybe Memorial Day or Independence Day this year, to give all eight episodes on last glimpse of daylight.

ALSO: GSN Online Schedule reports that the first two episodes of American Bible Challenge from season 2 will air again on Saturday, March 30th from 2-4pm, replacing Dog Eat Dog. They did something similar last time around on Labor Day. But now, seems like GSN is trying to do anything to cover up some Dog Eat Dog airings. The next weekend, Zap2It reports Dog Eat Dog on Saturday from 1-4pm ET.

Random thought: Kinda wish Deal or No Deal had a slot on weekends. They still have the rights to it through June 2013/2015. Not official on which one of those years.

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