Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Family Trade' reruns cut on Thursday; adjusted Saturday

Knew it was coming sooner or later.

Now on the GSN Online Schedule, Family Trade reruns which previously followed American Bible Challenge on Thursday night will be replaced by Steve Harvey's Family Feud. The advanced schedules with the episode numbers are not available yet.

On weekends, Family Trade leaves the 6pm (ET) slot on Saturday and is replaced by a rerun of American Bible Challenge, but not the same episode from the previous Thursday night. Another, random episode will run at 6pm Saturday.

Family Trade will also pick up a rerun slot Saturday morning to start off the programming day, replacing Password Plus and Whammy! This is planned for Saturday, March 30th and Saturday, April 6th. Classic fans will have to see what episodes get skipped.

American Bible Challenge reruns from Thursday 9pm ET still run Thursday midnight, Saturday 11am, Sunday 6pm and Sunday 1am.

EDIT (Wednesday 8:00pm): A poster on the GameShowForum Board notes that this webpage doesn't list changes later into April. I just got an e-mail from GSN. Family Trade runs on Saturday mornings through April 20th, for now.


  1. Scott, just got new pdfs from GSN. Posted them on the GSN board but I can't get them onto my blog yet because of a bug in link lists.

    Anyway, Family Trade is gone completely starting April 22-28. Not a single run anywhere on the schedule. This turkey must have really gobbled.

  2. Thanks. I'm in the process of making a new entry.

  3. The pdfs are up on the blog now. Had to recreate the link list from scratch. Family Trade must have really stunk up the numbers.

    1. Mentioned in my new post, the week 3 Family Trade ratings have not been released yet. Must have still bombed even with the Harvey Feud lead-in, for the first time this week.