Friday, March 29, 2013

'Family Trade' ratings week 3

Courtesy of Futon Critic this time, the "New" 8:00pm episode of Family Trade had 249,000 viewers, and again a 0.0 in 18-49 adult numbers.

On Tuesday 3/26, the audience rose this week with the Steve Harvey Feud lead-in, while in the second week Family Trade had 242,000 viewers. Therefore, this week the audience went up only a percent or two.

I'll just be curious to see how well Steve Harvey Family Feud did the hour before, to see the audience drop. I bet it was huge, but there have been times where Family Feud did not perform well in the 7pm hour. No matter what, Family Trade has already been removed from the schedule unless something dramatic happens.

Still looks like Barter is Boring.

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