Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Decent show, wrong network"

espnews26's AvatarEspnews on the GSN Board is onto something. He stated today that GSN should have originally burned through the episodes of Family Trade at two new ones a week, so the series run would end this coming Tuesday (April 2nd). Smart idea, considering any Family Trade regular fans would watch the whole hour instead of tuning out at 8:30pm like we saw here.

The main point I'll make of espnews' post is this. He states Family Trade is a "decent show, wrong network". I agree. I did post a review the first week it came out, basically stating it was one of their better reality projects, mainly since it doesn't focus on one celebrity.

Family Trade could have been done on another network and succeeded. Sure, it may not have been a MEGA-hit on another network like History or TruTV, but it could have had a better chance at a second life (season).

In a post under espnews', Casey states it's an un-watchable show. If I were to watch more, I wouldn't pay attention to the people really, more the deals. The deals can be weird, but so is a lot of TV today.

Casey on GameShowFollies had an interesting post about Apolo's performance on GSN's Minute to Win It. I've heard a few pops here and there from individuals in the audience. This version sounds like a "been there, done that". Casey's post focuses on Ohno's hosting personalities. I admit, I did have some doubts about Apolo and the doubts are now growing. It sounds like another 1 vs 100. Big name, bad host.

I do wish the best of luck to GSN for Minute to Win It. It just sounds like a big risk.

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