Monday, March 18, 2013

Confirmation; plus 'Bible' reruns not too heavy

On the Zap2It advance schedule and the GSN advance scheduleMillion Dollar Password does return this coming Saturday (3/23) at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific, while Minute to Win It appears at 5pm Sundays, pushing Harvey Feud back an hour to 4pm. This was all mentioned earlier but was not confirmed yet.

Also, I have to say, GSN is handling the reruns of the second season of American Bible Challenge well. In the first season, an episode would repeat at least six times. Now, the reruns per episode have been cut to five and by the second week, four. The Friday 7:00PM slot gets taken away by the second week, but otherwise, the rerun slots are Thursday midnight (replaces Baggage), Saturday 11:00AM (replaces Newlywed Game), Sunday 6:00PM (replaces 5th Grader) and Sunday 1:00AM (replacing 100K Pyramid).

Still surprised they didn't go heavier with the reruns like they did with Family Trade (seven-a-week). Plus, it's not even like the Bible reruns are in primetime, just pushed back to a few isolated areas on the schedule (11am Sat., 1am Sun, etc.)

The best of luck to the second season.

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