Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cheese + Checkers + Chicken = Car

Get ready, America.

GSN's newest reality show is making its way to the network in 9 days. Sure, American Bible Challenge and Family Feud reruns are still much bigger deals for the network, but for now we still have to deal with the Family Trade commercials and text above the GSN logo at the bottom right corner of the screen.


But for now we have this. A YouTube video featuring the owner of G-Stone Motors (the father of this "reality family), and a cartoon pig dancing around. Honestly, it's a little pointless. Don't get if GSN made it themselves or if it came from another source. GSN also features the video on their Facebook page.

For now, we still have the constant promotion at the bottom right corner of the screen, 24/7. I remember that they did do this for American Bible Challenge last August, but that was only a week in advanced. Same thing happened for the sixth season premiere of Newlywed Game last October. But not two weeks in advanced, not that it will make a difference in ratings for the typical GSN-viewer.

This is also going around as well. Not sure why this is happening, when they're only adding two more hours of Feud to the schedule that day compared to the usual Mondays.

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