Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apolo Anton Ohno to host New 'Minute to Win It'

First, excuse me for the delay but it's been an extremely busy day.

 Today, GSN [formerly and at least right now, Game Show Network] has announced the host of their newest original network revival. The "New" Minute to Win It, officially announced a month ago and rumored previously, was picked up by GSN for 40 new hour-long episodes.

The host is Apolo Anton Ohno, famous olympic skater in 2002, 2006 and 2010 (2014 is still in question for Olympic return), and made his way onto Dancing With the Stars in 2007 (and won) Since then, he's become a part-time actor and author, but lately hasn't done too terribly much.

In my opinion, this is just a little costly for GSN's budget, but the fact that he hasn't done too much lately helps the price go down. This should be a good one for GSN, considering he's a very well known name, unlike Bill Engvall, Mike Richards and Dylan Lane.

Just like American Bible Challenge, this should also get a lot of media attention. And to put more attention to the show, the top prize has been up'd to $250K, very impressive.

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