Saturday, March 23, 2013

American Bible Challenge: Season 2, episode 1

This was the season two premiere.

Teams: Preachin' Divas, a team with three African american women where one was homeless at the age of 16, and brought into a church, and helped her gain an interest in the Christian church since; Anointed Ink: Three men, one who is a tattoo artist who covers up explicit tattoos with Christian-based ones; Sisters of Mary: Three nuns, who start their day at 5:30am in the church, and spend their day playing volleyball, racketball and other activities while in teamwork.

Round one: TV Guide. Teams receive a description of a modern day show (Project Runway, Deadliest Catch) and is turned into a biblical description. Teams have to figure out which character/setting would have been placed in the description. Each question is worth 10 points.

Score: Preachin' Divas: 0; Team Anointed Ink (+20) has 20, while Sisters of Mary (+10) have 10.

Next, teams are given a chance to gather an extra 25 points. Similar to Family Feud, 100 people were surveys, this time through "U Verse" the online bible.

The question: How many people would rather feast for 40 days or eat manna for 40 years?

Preachin' Divas: 65%, , Anointed Ink: 65%. Sisters of Mary: 41%

65% is correct. Prechin' Divas: (+25) total of 25Anointed Ink: (+25), total of 45, Sisters of Mary: 10

Next, the stunts, worth 50 points. All three teams, separately are given a statement, and with a choice of five names, they must match up who caused it/occurred to. The five names are put in front of them in cups. They have to fling a fork into the cup with a spoon to get get credit. Ex: "Before he died, he brought the house down with his bare hands" Answer: Samson. Anointed Ink: 1 in the cup. Sisters of Mary crush Anointed Ink, going 3 for 3. The Preachin' Divas were so close but only got two

Score: Preachin' Divas: 25Anointed Ink: 45, Sisters of Mary: (+50) total of 60.

Next, one contestant a team steps back and does not participate as two on a team continue to play in "Hooray for Holywood". Contestants are given a modern movie name "Life of BLANK", answer was Pilot. They are given a clue to what to movie plot line would be about.

Score: Preachin' Divas: 25,  Anointed Ink: (+50), total of 95, Sisters of Mary: (+50), total of 110

Next round is "Faithbook", back from season one, where they are given an post on Facebook from a biblical character, and contestants must figure out whose wall that would be posted on.

Score: Preachin' Divas: 25, Anointed Ink: 95, Sisters of Mary: (+50), total of 160.

Chosen Three: One contestant per team participates. A statement is given, and a contestant gets six choices. They must select three. Each correct choice is worth 100 points, all three equals correct 300 points.

Sisters of Mary must go first since they're in the lead. If they get at least two, they are guaranteed a spot in the final. Sister Peter Joseph plays, and she gets two of three.

Michelle goes for "Preachin' Divas". They need one to get a chance in Final Revelation  Michelle gets three out of three, getting a total of 325.

Anointed Ink must get all three to go to Final Revelation. Leigh plays. A little bit of a shock to me, but Leigh does go three for three, gets 395 and advances to the final. They did get two of three first round questions, so they are good at questions. Just not stunts. Preachin' Divas still win $2,500 for their charity.

Final: Preachin' Divas: 325; Anointed Ink: 395; Sisters of Mary: 360

Final Revelation: Anointed Ink vs Sisters of Mary. Anointed Ink goes first, and they get 3 in the 60 seconds allowed. Sisters of Mary come out, and in the 4 they needed in 41 seconds

Sisters of Mary win $20,000 and advance to the semi-final, while Anointed Ink still wins $5,000, both teams to their charity.

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