Friday, March 29, 2013

American Bible Challenge Season 2, episode 2 recap

Airdate: 3/28/13

Teams: Christian Wrestling Foundation: Three men, all wrestlers, who spread the word about religion through wrestling. Detroit Believers: From Detroit; a student who went to their schools and passed the system, while focuses on the 40% literacy rate and attempting to approve it. Rockin' Rabbis: Three rabbis playing for Hurricane Sandy victims; from New York.

Round one: Worth 10 points. "My Tweet Lord". Each team has to look at a 140-character, or less message and figure out who might have tweeted it, back in the bible era.

Score: Christian Wrestling Foundation: 0; Detroit Believers: (+10); 10; Rockin' Rabbis: (+20); 20.

Next question: Worth 25 points. 100 people surveyed on "U Verse", online bible.

"What percentage of people actually believe the roads in heaven are paved with gold?"

Christian Wrestling Foundation: 72%; Detroit Believers: 51%; Rockin' Rabbis: 51%

Score: Christian Wrestling Foundation: (+25) 25; Detroit Believers: 10; Rockin' Rabbis: 20.

Stunts: Teams gets bouncing balls, and have to bounce them into the correct cup matching the fact.

There were three cups, and usually one of them was a trick one. Kermit the Frog was brought up, and his statement was: "Celebrated the birth of christ with John Denver". Luke Skywalker and Reba Mcentire were also in the mix.

Detroit Believers go first. They score two, ran out of time for the third.. Rockin' Rabbis get two, but one was wrong, so they get 1 out of 3. Christian Wrestling Foundation get all three, and get the 50 points.

Score: Christian Wrestling Foundation: (+50) 75; Detroit Believers: 10; Rockin' Rabbis: 20.

Next round: "Manna on the Street"  Teams are asked an open-ended question worth 50 points.

Score: Christian Wrestling Foundation: (+0) 75; Detroit Believers: (+50) 60; Rockin' Rabbis: (+0) 20

In the next round, in pairs, teams are given a song from Kirk's group, and have to ask a question about the song. These are worth 50 points.

Score: Christian Wrestling Foundation: (+0) 75; Detroit Believers: (+50) 110; Rockin' Rabbis: (+50) 70.

Chosen Three: One members from each team plays by themselves. They are given a question and have six choices. They must narrow the selections down to three. Each correct answer is worth 100 points, all three are worth 300.

Detroit Believers go first. Crystal represents the team. They have the lead, and if they get all three, they are guaranteed a spot in the final. Crystal answers all three correct. 410.

Rabbi Philip goes for Rockin' Rabbis. He only gets one correct. 170. They're still in it though.

Mike represents Christian Wrestling Foundation. They only need one to advance to the final. Mike gets three out of three. 375.

Final: Christian Wrestling Foundation: 375; Detroit Believers: 410; Rockin' Rabbis: 170.

Final Revolation: Christian Wrestling Foundation goes first. They get 9, missing 1. Detroit Believers get 8, missed 3. They ran out of time anyway.

Christian Wrestling Foundation win $20,000 towards their charity, while Detroit Believers win $5,000 and Rockin' Rabbis win $2,500 for coming in third.

Have to say, Christian Wrestling Foundation may have started out slow, but they got the stunts and the U Verse question, but later they topped the rabbis, and that I didn't see coming. Truly good for them.

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