Friday, March 22, 2013

'American Bible Challenge' premieres with 1.152 Million viewers

Thanks to Douglas Pucci at Son of the Bronx, The American Bible Challenge, last night premiered at 1.152 million viewers. This is not as big as the 1.73 million viewers from the first season, but still beat the 2003 Press Your Luck-scandal special, making the second season premiere the second highest-rated GSN show.

So why not as high as last time around? Two good explanations. One: Not as much promotion as last Summer. As mentioned earlier, Foxworthy appeared on late-night talk shows, news programs as well as other advertisements from the network in the first season. Two: GSN has been really hung up with Family Trade in the past month, which hasn't done too well for them, but also not too poorly yet

My prediction was off, I admit. I thought 800K-900K would be reasonable, and anything above a million would be a challenge this time around.

Still, got to hand it to GSN for a true hit here. A review will be coming up for last night's episode in the next day. We just didn't want to spoil it for anybody.

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