Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A day of wow

Here you go, GSN Board.

GSN has made their biggest move on classic acquisitions and new show pick-ups in nearly half a decade. The last came in October with episodes of Press Your Luck and Card Sharks added to the schedule, as well as classic episode of The $100,000/$25,000 Pyramid added to the noon hour.

Now, more episodes of Press Your Luck, Password Plus, Super Password and Match Game have been added, as well as the pick-up of the 1988-89 season of the Jim Perry-hosted Sale of the Century. The press release is here.

Sale of the Century- 1988-89 season, 65 episodes [9:30am weekdays]

Press Your Luck- 1983-84 season, 57 episodes [9:00am weekdays]

Password Plus- 1981-82 season, 66 episodes [Tom Kennedy] [9:00am weekends]

Super Password- 1986-87 season, 150 episodes [11:00am weekdays]

Match Game- 1975-77 seasons [8:00 and 8:30am, weekdays]

Good job, GSN. You're balancing the successful acquisitions of Harvey Feud, 5th Grader and American Bible Challenge with pleasing century-old 1970's/80's game-show-fanatics [exaggeration there, since even I like (love) classic game shows]

Just also need to point out= Last year at this time, GSN picked up Password Plus, Super Password and just like this year, Card Sharks dropped off the schedule. Also, they did mention five reality shows in the network's upfronts for the following television season, one of them being Family Trade. Let's hope it's not that way this time around.

Card Sharks and Dawson Feud drop off the [weekday] schedule as well. Not sure if they'll surface on the weekend. Here in 2013, no big losses. I will miss them, though

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