Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reruns, reruns, reruns

Flashback, maybe?.

Family Trade makes its way to the GSN schedule board starting Tuesday, March 12th. That night, it is surrounded be NBC's Minute to Win It. Personally, I'm surprised the 7pm hour that night didn't go to Steve Harvey's Family Feud, which could serve for a better lead-in. But, I don't really care for Family Trade doing well anyway.

Family Trade has six rerun slots according to the advance schedule, a total of 14 per week (7 per episode). Reruns will air Tuesday at 11pm (replacing Harvey Feud), 12am Wednesday (replacing Baggage), 10pm Thursday (replacing Harvey Feud), 7pm Friday (replacing MTWI), 6pm Saturday (replacing MTWI), and 11am Sunday (replacing The Newlywed Game).

All in all, that's a lot. Six reruns slots for a show that isn't expected to do well. Even Bible Challenge didn't have that many rerun slots last Fall. Notice that each rerun airs after a good lead-in (Harvey Feud 4 times, Minute to Win It once and Chain Reaction once)

One concern is the Thursday night reruns @ 10pm. Sorta REALLY hoping that doesn't stay. Because if it does stay one more week, that would be a lead-out to American Bible Challenge. Not necessarily good.

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