Monday, February 25, 2013

'Bible' reruns IN, modern 'Password' OUT

Looks like some American Bible Challenge reruns from the first season will be making it back to air this coming Saturday. Saw this on Abell's blog. We'll see how this cycle of reruns work, seeing how the 'Bible' marathon December 23rd marathon didn't do too well, with only a few episodes get 200,000 viewers.

These batch of episodes will cover some Dog Eat Dog space, as it sticks to late nights and Sundays for the time.

Also noted on the GSN Online Schedule, and there's a thread about it on the GSN board: Million Dollar Password leaves the schedule. It's been on since March 2010. One poster noted that it may be gone "temporarily" but I think this is another "Farewell Regis". No big loss, since it's past numbers have fallen since its "300K+ days of 2010-11".

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