Sunday, February 24, 2013

About our blog...

You're probably wondering, what is so important about this blog?

Ratings- Every week, ratings come in for smaller, less popular cable networks from Douglas Pucci at Son of the Bronx. These are publicly posted for anybody to see. Every week, I'll have a few things to say about the ratings besides "HARVEY FEUD DOMINATES"

Press Releases- The press releases from GSN arrive in my mailbox, but the advanced schedules do not.

Show renewal/cancellations- These can be weird. When it comes to cancellations for GSN, usually nothing is official. There was no official cancellation for Baggage, Beat the Chefs, Catch 21 or Lingo (2011), and I'm assuming there won't be one for The Pyramid. There is some other news I'm currently waiting on when it comes to a renewal/cancellation for GSN and it should be coming some time this week. We'll wait and see.

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